What we’re looking forward to (film-wise) in 2010

After giving you our film highlights of 2009 we now look forward to what’s ahead. So here are a few lists from us on our hot tips for 2010.

Ben (Sales Manager)

  • I am Love - A great festival buzz that mentions a stand out performance from Tilda Swinton
  • Lebanon - Any film that’s billed as next year’s ‘Waltz with Bashir’ peaks my interest.
  • Green Zone - Greengrass and Damon - Bourne by a different name? That’s no bad thing.
  • Crazy Heart - Jeff Bridges playing a broken down, alcoholic country singer? Surely a tear jerker only your mum would fall for? errr, well yeah probably, but the trailer makes it look really good! Honest.
    Crazy Heart (image via

    Crazy Heart (image via

  • Shutter Island - Scorsese’s first foray into horror (Unless you count Shine a Light) makes me hugely excited.
  • Legion - This looks tremendously silly and balls to the wall fun.
  • Cemetery Junction - Very interested to see what the Merchant and Gervais team can bring to the big screen.
  • Bad Lieutenant - Loved the original and sneered at the first mention of a remake. But wait a second, what’s this? Herzog and Nic Cage not trying to be an action hero? Very intrigued indeed….
  • Headless Woman - Have been interested in seeing this since Peter Bradshaw’s article way back in November LAST year :
  • La Danse (SODA) - A wonderfully lyrical look behind the scenes at The Paris Opera Ballet, from America’s defining voice in documentary film making.
  • La Danse (image via

    La Danse (image via

  • Double Take (SODA) - A clever, witty and surreal blending of Cold War paranoia and hitchcockian absurdities.

Edward (Managing Director)

  • A Prophet - Audiard consistently impresses and surprises in equal measure, I’ve missed this at Cannes and London and am really looking forward to seeing it, like WHITE RIBBON I think it will be a real ‘experience’
  • A Prophet

    A Prophet (image via

  • Mammoth (SODA) - much misunderstood, let’s hope this future classic finds it’s audience beyond the industry gate keepers.
  • Mammoth (image via

    Mammoth (image via

Frances (Acquisitions and Content Manager)

  • Howl Okay so James Franco with the smallest of paunches and thick glasses still doesn’t really look like Allen Ginsberg, but I have super high hopes. This year’s Milk?
  • Howl (image via

    Howl (image via

  • Youth in Revolt Advance reviews haven’t been particularly strong but Michael Cera playing alongside Michael Cera, not really sure how far wrong that can go.
  • Youth in Revolt (image via

    Youth in Revolt (image via

  • Mammoth (SODA) Lukas Moodysson is easily one of my favourite directors and I love that he hasn’t and never will make the same film twice, which could have been the easy route following the success of Show Me Love.

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